SVC Gorbani v2.0

SVC Gorbani v2.0

The card includes the following:
– Multi-layered terrain (360° soil);
– Diverse terrain;
– Changed textures of trees and foliage;
– 40 new primer paint textures;
– Changed lighting;
– Lime, manure, silage purchase station;
– Weighing stations;
– New crops: rye, buckwheat, peas, mustard, clover, alfalfa.
– 2 detailed mechanized yards for parking equipment with garages, sheds, and lighting.
– 143 fields from 0.1 hectares to 235 hectares with contracts for hay harvesting.
– 181 plots for purchase.
– 5 huge purchasable forest plots.
– 2 gas stations.
– 3 farms.
– 11 points of sale.
– Support for DLC Precision Farming.
– Contracts have been changed to suit the Ukrainian economy, and new prices for work and equipment rental.
– New owners of fields: contracts for large fields are given to agro companies, for small fields – people.
– Changed economy.
Large production: Sawmill; Mill; Creamery; Sugar factory; Bakery; Seed plant; Two-grain cleanings; Sawmill; Grain dryer; Dairy; Feed mill (feed for pigs, mono mix and mineral feed); Biogas.
Small industries: Meadery, charcoal production, firewood production, fish farming, fish smoking, beekeeping.
– Cattle dealer.
– Points of sale of potatoes, beets, carrots, parsnips, red beets and forest;
– Unique movement of pedestrians and cars;
– A starter house that has bees, chickens, greenhouses, some sheep, and a small firewood production. The house has a cellar and a grain storage bin. Sleep trigger.
Everything is located modestly and cosy.

Map translated into English, Polish, German, French, Russian, and Czech.

– Added new lighting.
– Economy edited.
– Prices for new products have been edited.
– Added flour and cereals for new crops.
– Added production of different types of bread.
– Edited CropRotation for new crops, including those from the new addition.
– Added 15 purchased plots for your construction (your own home).
– Added new textures to plants.
– Fixed the trigger for receiving straw in bales at the feed mill.
– Added new production recipes.
– Added quarries: sand, peat, stone, and production chains for them
– Added stubble trampling.
– And other small changes.
– Added support for mods, some were built into the map

– EnhancedAnimalSystem – enhanced animal husbandry system.
– Production Revamp – The card runs on the Production Revamp mod, so you need to turn off and pause production, as you will be charged the appropriate monthly fee for idle time.
– MudSystem – Mud system that adds realism, now the rain is not the time to work in the field.
– manureFix – manure output has been fixed.
– advanced maintenance – advanced vehicle maintenance.
– GrassMowing – the ability to mow grass from the first stage of growth.
– IncreasedFuelUsage – realistic fuel consumption (regardless of the settings).
– CropRotation – crop rotation translated and added crops for SVK Gorbani.
– DamageControl – reducing the level of wear and tear on vehicles at all difficulty levels by -50% by half.
– airHoseConnectSound – the script adds sounds of connecting and disconnecting a hose to the game.
– RealisticMilkingTime – Realistic milking time.

Credits: Artanis
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