FS22 GPS Mod

FS22 GPS Mod

Complete field applications quickly and efficiently with the Guidance Steering mod that helps you accurately setup tracks to work your fields. Guidance Steering allows you to use different methods in order to create tracks. The AB point method requires you to setup two points (A and B) in order to calculate the steering angle. The A+heading method simplifies this setup with only forcing you to enter the desired steering angle.

Make sure to enable Guidance Steering before you’re able to enter the menu.

In order todo this:
– Enable Guidance Steering: left ALT + C
– Show Guidance Steering menu: left CTRL + S

For further info on gameplay please checkout the README on the Github repository.

– FS22 release
– Fix issue with French translation.

The FS22 GPS mod is one of the most useful for all players of the game, however, it’s especially helpful for those that are new. That’s because new players aren’t exactly familiar with the terrain around them, and neither are they familiar with the ways of getting to certain places from certain paths. That’s why the GPS mod for FS22 is so good since it offers them a little more insight into their surroundings. This handy Farming Simulator 22 GPS (Guidance Steering Mod) mod makes navigating terrains much simpler, and we’re here to discuss how one can use it, as well as download it.

How to Download FS22 GPS Mod

The GPS Mod FS22 is much easier to use than one might think. All players have to do is install it and get it ready for use. The reason why some players struggle to use this GPS for FS22 is that they don’t know it is an item that needs to be purchased.

Once the FS22 GPS mod is active, you’ll have to go and purchase it from the in-game store for a small sum of the in-game currency. Once this sum is paid, the GPS FS22 (Guidance Steering Mod) will be there for you to use in whatever way you desire. So to start the FS22 GPS mod download, all you have to go is go to the FS22 GPS GitHub page and click on the download link.

How to install FS22 GPS Mod?

Windows: Copy the FS22_guidanceSteering_<version>.zip into your My Games\FarmingSimulator2022\mods directory.

If you downloaded the mod from here, you just need to move ZIP file to your mods folder.

How to Use GPS mod Farming Simulator 22?

There’s not much to say about the ways to use the Farming Simulator 22 GPS mod. It is one of the most useful but also one of the simplest to use since it’s just a navigation system. As mentioned, once you purchase the Farming Simulator 22 GPS (Guidance Steering Mod) from the store after setting up the mod, it’ll be yours to use in any way.

Credits: Mogli12
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13 Responses

  1. Bauer Piepenbring says:

    where ist the download link???

  2. Farmy McFarmface says:

    Created 9 days before the game’s release…
    Just a bait to lure people to their lame tutorial videos!

  3. Roffe says:

    Still not available.

  4. D says:

    So do you have anytype of ETA of when this will be ready besides “soon”… I know we already have other mods such as vehicle control add on and what have you so I am hopeful this will happen soon…

  5. Farmer says:

    when it will go out?approximately?

  6. Leo says:

    I’m here to report a failure I just discovered involving articulated tractors, when I activate steering guidance the tractor starts to move in a zigzag pattern, fix it as soon as possible.

  7. Lennarth Nielsen says:

    does not work

  8. Fredrik says:

    Works wonderfully, tho i wonder if there will be more than just A+B Straight Line so select? Would be nice to have it driving the headland or such 🙂

  9. Beck says:

    Quando sai pra Playstation ??

  10. Armand Andrianatos says:

    I have a problem with the mod i have to turn my wheel more than 180 degrees before the auto-steer shut`s off, my wheel is on 900degrees rotation and works with everything ells, but the guidance steering almost feels like it, itself has a deadzone, any help will be much appreciated.

  11. somings says:

    Hello, I’m a person who enjoys farming simulators.
    First of all, thank you for creating this mode of convenient function.
    But I think this mod is only available on pc, do you have any plans to make it into a mode that can be used on console devices like ps5 or ps4 in the future? I really want to enjoy this mod.

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