4x Map – Loma, Montana v1.0

4x Map – Loma, Montana v1.0

Loma, Montana is a 4x map for FS22 created by No Creek Farms (No Creek Farms Map, Medicine Creek Farms Map). The map is a recreation of the small town of Loma and the surrounding area. It has accurate terrain, roads, signage, custom buildings, as well as lots of historical additions. I encourage you to check out the area on Google Maps to see just how closely the map resembles real life. Almost everything on the map is custom in some way.
**Please consider donating $5 to download the map. I think you will find that it will be worth it. Making a little money off this project is the only way that I can continue to create content for the community to enjoy**
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The map contains the following:
– Custom terrain that was 100% shaped by hand
– Accurate border terrain with actual Google Image of the surrounding area
– Custom ground textures to match the soil from the area
– Custom foliage textures on all foliage
– Trees will change on their own and have been heavily edited
– Ground foliage is changeable by the player – please check out this tutorial video on how this is accomplished. I did it this way to give the player more control as well as to get away from the same old seasonal foliages from the cracked DLC. You don’t have to change them if you don’t want to, but you can also change them whenever you want.
– Custom crop textures – credit to BulletBill and AW Modding
– Added crops – alfalfa, clover, peas, lentils, and flax
– Swathable crops – wheat, barley, canola, and flax
– Realistic gravel roads using “3D” gravel
– Accurate custom buildings from the area
– Accurate custom signage everywhere on the map
– Historically accurate sites and interpretive signage
– Custom train that can be rented – credit to BcBuhler
– Multi- terrain angle
– Seasonal items
– Parked cars appear and disappear at different times of the day in different locations
– Accurate land pricing for realistic gameplay
– Crop yields, seed rates, and grain pricing have been accurately adjusted for realistic gameplay
– Additional adjustments to costs and rates for realistic gameplay
– Two custom cattle pastures – one small and one huge open range
– Custom feedlot with 28 lots holding 600 cows (600 animals visually appear) (no mods needed)
– Custom feeding – grains, alfalfa, clover
– Calfs, heifers, bulls, and cows added
– Custom manure heap that builds in each pen (player has choice to use or not)
– Video showing how the lot operates
– Three custom farms throughout the map
– Three sellpoints for grain and bales (flax straw cannot be sold and can only be used for feedlot bedding)
– Black Bluffs Grain located in SE portion of map
– Loma Grain is the westernmost grain elevator on south edge of town
– General Mills Grain is the easternmost grain elevator on the south edge of town
– Purchasable grain elevators (two middle grain elevators on south edge of town) that are used to store grain. Grain can be removed and relocated or sold by rail to Big Sandy, MT.
– Custom soil map set up like Medicine Creek – each field has its own map essentially. Field edges will yield the poorest as well as low spots, etc. Land in the valley will yield more than land on top of the benches on average.
– Farms are all placeable – everything on each farm can be sold to clear the area.
– Autodrive course available to download to get you started – credit to Joe O.
– Paintable mowable grass added in the construction menu.
– All textures and plants you see in the map are in the construction menu for you to utilize.
– A working ferry to cross the Missouri River. Ferry is accurate to the area.
– Tons of Lewis and Clark history for you to check out.

– Everything that was adjusted was based on playing the game on the hardest settings.
– Cattle in large, open pastures do not produce manure. This is intentional because you would not get manure from an open grazing setup like this in real life.
– Cattle in the feedlot will produce manure.
– Cattle feed rates have been drastically reduced.
– Cattle do not produce milk.
– If you want to place additional cattle pens, you will need to use the Enhanced Animal Mod or you will not be able to see the cattle you purchase. Keep in mind, this will overwrite the reduced feed rates that I setup by using this mod. If you want to place additional pens and want the reduced feed rate, you will need to unzip and edit the Enhanced Animal mod.
– As the cattle move around on the largest pastures, they will stutter. There is nothing that can be done about this. It is a Giants issue and can’t be fixed on our end.
– Grass around the map is not mowable because they don’t do that in real life in this area. If you want to mow areas that aren’t field, you can paint down the mowable grass I included.
– Please check out the moddesc.xml file for credits. I apologize if some were left out of credits by accident. A tremendous thank you to those who helped me with the project and to those who subscribed to my Patreon to test and have input on the project!

Credits: No Creek Farms
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