Giants Editor FS22

Giants Editor – Farming Simulator 22


  • Scenegraph is processing arrow keys
  • When saving a mod on the same drive as the game path, it uses now the correct ‘$’ syntax
  • Fixed terrain paint preview when resizing brush with mouse wheel
  • Fixed terrain preview painting when undoing/redoing terrain paint commands (with CTRL+Z, CTRL+Y)
  • Fixed wrong selection after copy paste (after pasting in a transform group the whole transform group was selected)
  • Fixed visual raycast position report with start position = zero
  • Various script editor fixes (ie. weird selection behavior when switching files while not saved, don’t store local information in tree data, find file by name fixes, detect any changes and not just <127 typing)
  • Incremented mod description version to 43
  • Added debug depth rendering mode

Farming Simulator 22 is a game famed for the realistic experience that it provides to players, while also being praised for the wide variety of content and features available. There are many things to like about the game, and arguably the best of it all is the accessibility it offers. There are all kinds of personalized content that players can add to the game to make it more enjoyable for themselves based on their likings, and this thanks to the FS22 Giants Editor. If you’re here to learn more about what the Farming Simulator 22 Giants Editor is and how you can make the most of it, continue reading below.

What is the FS22 Giants Editor?

The Giants Editor FS22 is a program that comes in very handy for all those that love to use mods that other players have made while also wanting to create mods of their own. There are many features and tools available in the Giants Editor Farming Simulator 22 for players to easily add mods to their experience with the game. What’s even better is that there are even more tools for those looking to create mods of their own. These tools let anyone use the FS22 Giants Editor to create whatever kind of content that they’d like for the game.

This may sound a little too good to be true, but the Giants Editor FS22 does provide all this for free without any drawbacks. The only real issue is getting used to the application. All the different tools for modding and applying these mods which you create can be very difficult to get the hang of at first, but the official Giants Editor page on the Farming Simulator website provides a detailed video tutorial which makes it all very easy.

How to Download the FS22 Giants Editor?

Downloading the Giants Editor FS22 is a very simple and easy task. All that needs to be done to get this installed is going to the official Farming Simulator website. There should be Giants Editor 22 download links available here. Just use any of these, or try out trustable third-party websites that also offer similar links as using these can be a good way to download the program too. Either way, the software should be installed in no time after you do all this.

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